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Trip Name Date Comments
To Airventure 1998 7/28/1998  My first trip to Oshkosh with my soon to be best friend Mike. 
From Airventure 1998 8/3/1998  I grew up in Indiana so I wanted to make a stop there on the way back to Texas. 
Rental at Van Nuys 9/13/1998  A rental flight in California! 
To Sun N Fun 1999 4/10/1999  To Sun N Fun with Dick 
From Sun N Fun 1999 4/14/1999  From Sun N fun with Dick 
To Airventure 1999 7/27/1999  There were four of us on the way to OSH this year. 
From Airventure 1999 8/1/1999  Only three on the way home since Mikes friend flew back early. 
To Airventure 2000 7/25/2000  This year we decided to stop at Rockford on the way up. 
From Airventure 2000 7/31/2000  Direct route home. 
To Airventure 2001 7/22/2001  Through Joplin this year. 
From Airventure 2001 7/28/2001  Came back without Mike this year because he had to catch up with the Fuji blimp. 
To Airventure 2002 7/21/2002  Went through Iowa City this year. 
From Airventure 2002 7/28/2002  Stopped in Columbia where the FSS used to be. 
To Airventure 2003 7/27/2003  First time in Mikes airplane. 
From Airventure 2003 8/3/2003  Came through a line of scatter rain showers this year. 
To Airventure 2004 7/24/2004  We used Mikes airplane again because it now has an auto-pilot. 
From Airventure 2004 8/1/2004  A bit of weather in Iowa this year, so we headed toward St. Louis. 
To Airventure 2005 7/22/2005  This year we decide to leave on Friday and spend the night in Tulsa, OK. 
From Airventure 2005 7/31/2005  Back to Texas with a new GPSMap 496! 
To Airventure 2006 7/21/2006  Back to Mikes C-172 this year. 
From Airventure 2006 7/29/2006  Left early to spend the next day at Jeffs 50th near St. Louis. 
To Airventure 2007 7/20/2007  Just Cindy and I in the PA28-180 this year. We met up with Mike at OSH. 
From Airventure 2007 7/29/2007  All three of the gang on the way home. 
To Airventure 2008 7/25/2008  Back to four, Mike, Patti, Cindy and I leaving on Friday. 
From Airventure 2008 8/3/2008  Clear skys all the way to Texas 
To Airventure 2009 7/24/2009  Cindy, Mike and I flew to St. Louis on Friday and toured the Budwiser brewery. 
From Airventure 2009 8/2/2009  Mike and I flew back in the 172 and Danny took Cindy in the Columbia 400. 
To Airventure 2010 7/23/2010  Cindy and I flew N642RJ from our new hangar and home at Hidden Valley Airpark 
From Airventure 2010 8/1/2010  Mike, Cindy and I flew back with only one stop 
To Airventure 2011 7/22/2011  New airport on this trip and just Mike and I 
From Airventure 2011 7/31/2011  Cindy joined at OSH and came home with us 
To Airventure 2012 7/20/2012  Only flew to OSH this year, came back on AA 
To Airventure 2013 7/26/2013  Flew up in the Cherokee this year with Mike only, Cindy came on AA 
From Airventure 2013 8/3/2013  Only Cindy and Steve on the way home, Mike left with Danny. 
To Airventure 2016 7/23/2016  Danny, Cindy and Steve 
From Airventure 2016 7/27/2016  A bit of rain near KXNA 
To Airventure 2017 7/21/2017  First time in our Ovation 
From Airventure 2017 7/28/2017  Back through Indiana 
To Airventure 2018 7/21/2018  By way of Angel Fire, NM this year 
From Airventure 2018 7/27/2018  Bill Emsof was withj us 

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