Oklahoma! A Great Place for General Aviation.

By Steve Aughinbaugh – November, 2000

The other day I was surfing the web and ran into a great website, at least a great site for those of us that have our airplanes based near Oklahoma. The site is: http://www.okladot.state.ok.us/aeroinfo/indexg.htm and the really great thing about this site is that in addition to the normal airport information there is also an aerial photograph of each airport. There are three indexes to all 139 airports in the Okie state. My favorite is the one by city: http://www.okladot.state.ok.us/airports/aprtctyg.htm. I thought it would be fun to look at each one of the airports that I have been to. The OK DOT needs to be commended for creating a great resource.

Here are the links to the airports that I have been to with a couple of comments about each one:


I have only been here on training flights, but there is a good BBQ place here. Park your airplane at the north end and walk down the street to Bob’s BBQ. This also home to one of the best aircraft paint shops in the middle of the country, Red & Vera Brend have been recommended by many satisfied customers.

Ardmore Downtown Executive

Just went here during my training. A neat, sloping to the south runway, not much else

Ardmore Municipal

Home of the Runway Café, where else, not on the runway, but right next to it under the control tower. A good restaurant on an old converted military field. Climb up the tower for a visit and get a good view of the place.

Lake Texoma State Park

A really nice location and one of the OK State Parks. The lodge is within walking distance and they serve a good Sunday brunch. There is also an arcade, go-kart and horse riding to the west within walking distance. Take the whole family or just the kids.

McGehee Catfish Restaurant

The name says it. A great catfish restaurant and a challenging and fun grass strip. Call ahead to make sure the strip is in good condition. If you are not very experienced with grass or challenging runways, take a CFI with you the first time and pay for his meal.

Westheimer Field

At Norman, home of OU and the all-you-can-eat, cooked-to-order, $3.69 (was $2.99) breakfast in the airport terminal restaurant! Join the crowd on weekend mornings. Never a long wait, but always a busy place.

Wiley Post

Home to the Annie Okie's Runway Cafe. This was the destination for my first CFI assisted IFR flight in IMC. It was really neat to fly in clouds for over an hour and pop out at 700 feet AGL with the airport runway right in front of us!

Will Rogers


Headquarter of the 99s, women aviators whose first president was Amelia Earhart. It is also home to the 99s Museum of Women Pilots. The museum is a recent addition and I have not seen it. I was here for one of the big air shows they have every year.

Lake Murray State Park

This is another great OK state park with a lodge and breakfast buffet. I also have found memories of this location because it is home to Fireside Inn and I took my wife, Cindy there for Valentine's day once. The number for Fireside is (580) 226-4070. Call before to make sure of the hours. They will also come pick you. If you call the state park lodge, they will also pick you up.

Jones Riverside

Home of the Airport Express Cafe and I stopped there on the way to OSH once. Friendly and quick service.

Harvey Young

Last but not least is Harvey Young. Not much at this airport, but Cindy's parents live just 3 miles down the road from here! Don’t you just love general aviation and the ability that it gives you to get really near to where you want instead of across the town of state at the mega-hub airports that the commercial airlines mostly fly to.

And the places I want to go to are many, but in particular I want to get to:

Ponca City

Home of the almost world famous Enrique's Mexican restaurant. I also understand that they have a $4.00 all you can eat breakfast on the first Saturday of every month. Hmmm, I need to get this destination higher on my priority list ...so many places to go to, so little time.

And just think there are 127 more airports in OK that we could go to! For the whole list click on this link. I hope you enjoyed this. J

 Cheers, Steve

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